Honey Menthol Soap


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  • Ideal for active day, and after working out.
  • Soothes muscles and joints
  • Great for Eczema, other skin infections and dandruff
  • Anti-Aging

Let soap soak on body for 3-5 mins before rinse



HONEY MENTHOL SOAP – All Natural cooling for your body.

Menthol is added to the soap to cool the skin, which is used as an additive for not only cosmetics but also foods such as medicines and confectionery.
It has an excellent cooling effect, as well as cleansing for deodorization in hot weather, on an active day, and after working out.


 in the skin.

It is a crystal of 100% peppermint that gives a refreshing feeling of coolness. It is also used as a medicine to relieve fatigue in the Orient.

Ancient Greeks used Menthol for bathing to treat neuralgia or myalgia, while Donguibogam(Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine) says that it was used as a remedy for pain such as headache, toothache, and throat.

Creme menthol soap, which is made with Menthol that has already been approved for its efficacy, will settle into the cooling items in everyday life as the following conditions, hot summer season, after work, or exercise to be relaxed.

STAY COOL has the highest Menthol content among the menthol soap which was introduced in Creme, so it has not only an excellent cooling effect that makes the skin cool but also an excellent effect on cleansing for deodorant on shower after exercise and activity days. Be careful of the sensitive skin of children, pregnant women, and the face.


When you need a refreshing shower in the hot summer season.
Those who suffer from muscle pain such as shoulders and legs for a long time working.
when you need clean foot care or cooling after body wash.


Coconut Oil, Menthol Crystals, Peppermint, Honey

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