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Electrolysis Wart removal is carried out by a qualified practitioner by a small probe into the wart using a thermolysis current. A scab will form over the area and the site will heal up within a few days.

We understand that having any unwanted wart can seem urgent if it affects your self-esteem and confidence.

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What are warts?

Despite the stories when you were a child, warts are not caused by touching frogs. In fact, they are caused by the human papillomavirus, known as HPV. It is contracted through cuts or cracks in the skin and can be as easily contracted on those beautiful jamaica beaches and rivers.

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Wart removal is best done by professional treatment. Whether you are looking for facial warts removal, warts on fingers, or other areas of the body, we can help. Contact our location in Montego Bay, Jamaica to get the best wart removal service near you. Home service provided.

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Warts are small growths on the skin generally hard, small, skin-colored bumps with a rough surface that normally don’t cause pain, while harmless, they are aesthetically displeasing. Some warts itch and may hurt.


Symptoms of warts

The primary symptom of warts is a rough-surfaced fleshy growth on your skin.

  • Common warts usually appear on the hands.
  • Flat warts usually appear on the face and forehead.
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Wart Removal treatment

Treatment may decrease the chance that warts will be spread to other areas of your body or to other people. There are many ways to remove common warts from the skin.

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Warts on the skin

Treatment of warts on the skin is successful and the warts are gone for good. Genital warts are more likely to come back. If warts come back, revisit for further treatment.

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Get Wart Removal Treatment in Montego Bay

At Real Styling Solutions Beauty Center in Montego Bay, Jamaica, our primary concerns are your health, safety, and well-being.  Visit our service page or give us a call at 876-787-3108 to schedule an appointment. Let us restore your confidence.

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